16th May 2008:Electrica 2
News Id:54

ETA September 2008.....

21st January 2008:News
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I've added some code to electrica to block certain characters in usernames, but if you find you can't login then email me with your username and I'll make sure all the characters in it are allowed.

8th March 2007:Update
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Well, some time ago I started to rewrite the challengers handbook in a more comprehensive format but I never got around to finishing it, what with one thing and another. So I've just added a zip file to the page on crypto in it, that contains some solved problems and exercises. It was intended to be in the spirit of the 'web of despair', another unfinished bit of the site! Damn, I need to finish things some time but life is just so busy!!

21st February 2006:News
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Well, I suppose I should give a bit of an update!! Just been correcting some duplicate entries in the solutions database - an old bug that is difficult to resolve. So if your score has changed then it should now be correct!!

Personally I'm getting my life back together and hope to be around a bit more soon, you might see me about on TBS, and watch this space for some more developments.......

29th August 2005:Update
News Id:50

Well, it seems that the upgrade has caused a lot of problems, particularly with paths. So you might see some errors on the site. I'm trying to get it sorted out today, but bear with me. If you notice problems later in the week then email me about them because I will have missed them!

23rd August 2005:site change
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In case of problems please note: You are receiving this message because Tera-Byte is making an important change to the webserver that hosts your website. In our continuing efforts to maintain top level service to our clients we have recently built a new web hosting server that will replace the server your website is currently hosted on. The new server is a much more powerful server, has newer software and more features than the old server, will allow us to accomodate the increased space that the recent doubling of all our plans requires, and will allow us to best maintain the server going forward. All of your files and emails have already been copied to the new server and will be refreshed just before the final changeover, so barring any small complications you should not need to perform any work to assist in this process. We are notifying affected customers so that they are aware the move is happening and can confirm that their sites are still functioning 100% after the switch to the new server. The switch will take place Thursday, August 25th 2005 at 6:00 pm MDT.

1st August 2005:Hosting
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Site should be continuing as plenty of people have offered hosting, etc. Looks like relee will be hosting it shortly......

16th June 2005:Sigh
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This will probably be the last post I make on this site, and when the site next needs to be renewed (over a year away I think) it will not be renewed and will disappear from the web. I apologise for not updating it more and for not being around more, but I've had a lot to deal with in real life. Unforunately I will shortly be without an internet connection, possibly for a very long time.

You continue on in your life thinking that everything around you is sorting itself out and then one day 'wham!' and your life suddenly changes. I've been sound financially for years but recently my wife admitted to having problems with credit cards and debt that amount to nearly two hundred thousand us dollars. We're practically bankrupt and our lives are about to change drastically. So you see it is bye-bye to our current lifestyle and hello to a new one....

I'd like to thank everyone that's been around and that's supported me over the last few years. Thanks and Goodbye and Good Luck in whatever future endeavours you have.

20th July 2004:Books!!!!!
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I added some links to various books at the bottom of some of the handbook pages, all of which are now written to some degree although I might add a few bits here and there at times. If you purchase the book from these links then I get around 9% of the price which will help pay site costs :)

25th March 2004:argh
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Sometimes bizarre things happen. One of my cats (which often sleep on top of my monitor) decided to be sick and was sick all over the monitor, the case and the keyboard, and a few other things. Anyway it was very watery sick..... and the computer was all off at the time. It was cleaned up, but I switched on the computer without really giving it enough time to dry out. As a result of this my monitor is now completely out of focus in the center of the screen. Obviously this makes it very difficult to do things at the moment, so things may be slow for a few weeks.......

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