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Tools by other people

Borg 2.21 Delphi Conversion Sourcecode: 126Kb, By Reus, a Delphi conversion of Borg - sourcecode.

Borg 2.21 Delphi Conversion Binary: 114Kb, By Reus, a Delphi conversion of Borg - executable.

Borg 1 and 2 Utils: 216Kb, By Robert Claypool. Some tools for viewing lst/asm files, counting calls and procedures.

Tools by me

PE-Info v2.01: 266Kb, An updated GUI version of my old PE Info file program.

Borg 2.28: 0.99Mb, I thought it about time that I put this up, it's an MSVC version of Borg 2 with a couple of bugfixes as well. It represents the whole state of my Borg directory, so I think it's compiled as the debug version. Anyway this will be the last release of Borg2. I had intended to continue it a bit more but I have started Borg3 :) and believe me when I say that Borg3 will be completely different to previous versions, but it will be some time before it's even producing a basic disassembly.....

Borg 2.27: 148Kb, The latest version of my interactive disassembler, Borg. It is a disassembler for Win32 PE files, although other files will load up the support for other file types is not complete yet (most notably NE/LE/LX files are not properly supported). Suggestions and requests and ideas are welcome for future Borg development.

Borg 2.27 Sourcecode: 135Kb, The sourcecode of the latest release.

Borg 1: 79Kb, The original Borg which started it all off. Included here for historical reasons ;) I was really proud of the codeflow analysis at the time, and it still looks good now. Borg1 was not interactive like Borg2.

Borg 1 Sourcecode: 93Kb, The sourcecode for all you budding disassembler coders ;)

PE-Info: 32Kb, A PE Info file which I wrote some time ago. It dumps information on a PE file, and its sections.

Below are some simple winsock programs that I wrote when looking at internet programming. They are not meant to be serious, but to provide a resource for anyone learning internet programming.

Ping: 21Kb, A simple ping program.

Gethost: 20Kb, A host lookup program.

SMTPSend: 24Kb, A simple mail program which connects to an smtp server and sends a file to it which contains most of the necessary commands.

And some really old gaming stuff. Rogue and Larn, original games compiled for win32 and with my graphics routines (such as they had graphics). If you've never heard of either of these then go away and forget you ever read this sentence ;) The sourcecode is a complete mess, and I really don't have the time to sort it out.

Rogue: 74Kb, Rogue, no sourcecode, sorry :(.

Larn: 173Kb, Larn, no sourcecode, sorry :(.

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